A new image

When Andrée-Anne, Marc-André or Marie-France from the Palais’ business development team meet with prospective Ambassadors, first impressions are crucial. They need to quickly pitch the importance of their involvement and the quality of the support from the Palais they can look forward to every step of the process. During that crucial introduction, the prestige associated with attracting a conference to Montréal needs to be conveyed in the bat of an eye.


The Club recently gave its visual brand a makeover, with a new logo and an updated version of its explanatory leaflet. Cleaner, prestigious, distinctive and contemporary, the new image projects the powerful strength of those proudly involved in the Club.

The Ambassadors Club page on the Palais website has also been redesigned to include new content, like a videoclip featuring Ambassador Fabrice Labeau delivering a firsthand account of his experience.