Culti-Vert: A resounding success

We’re still in the early stages of assessing the progress of the Culti-Vert redevelopment project — launched last March jointly with the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre as part of our 2011-2013 Sustainability Action Plan — but the results obtained thus far are quite positive: the enthusiastic involvement of numerous partners, extensive exposure, interesting media coverage, and “mission accomplished” with respect to the awareness raising objectives we set for neighbouring properties.

The Director of Building Management Mario Poirier summarizes Culti-Vert’s current performance as follows: “This project houses the best practices in the field, and the green roofing technology is benefiting the Montréal population, primarily by helping reduce the urban heat island effect in the city’s downtown. Also, 10% of our harvest is donated to organizations such as the Comité social Centre-Sud and La rue des femmes. It is essentially a tangible way of putting our vision to work for the community, and also show that we are actively committed to sustainability.”

The Palais will continue maintaining its plants and shrubs and plans to review its vegetable garden during the year in order optimize their impact and further expand the size of the roofs‘ green areas.