A tool for fighting homelessness

In 2016, the Palais des congrès de Montréal is joining forces with Action Médiation, an outreach program piloted by the Hotel Association of Greater Montréal and the Ville-Marie social development agency, which aims to foster a system of cohabitation between downtown Montréal tourists and the homeless.

laneThe program ensures the presence of a social worker near hotels and the Palais during peak periods to assist the homeless. The idea is to reduce forceful evictions and introduce more support and social reintegration.

The Palais security team deals with 100 to 200 situations a month involving homeless people. Since 2012, we have been working together with the community to assist homeless people who seek shelter in our facilities and find ways of having the homeless, local merchants, business tourists and event participants live together. Action Médiation will ensure the longevity of this constructive and timely intervention tool, and apply it in line with our values and objectives, especially as they pertain to our sustainability efforts.