Film and television productions

The trademark ambient lighting, expansive spaces, and panoramic vistas of Montréal make the Palais a natural for television and film productions, and photo shoots as well.

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Information desk

The information desk and its resolutely modern surroundings can be used for scenes involving public venues.

Food court

This generously-lit food court can easily be converted into a spacious and multifunctional film set.

Underground passageways

The Palais is directly linked to two large underground passageways. One is bright and contemporary, the other is plainer, more subdued.

Lipstick Forest

This unique visual art installation featuring 52 pink-coloured trees made of concrete is exceptional for anyone looking for an original setting to film in.


The Palais houses several multifunctional and various-sized boardrooms that can be useful for a variety of scenes.

Place Riopelle Hall

The atrium’s contemporary décor and generous lighting, panels and signage monitors, make it ideal for depicting large public areas, e.g. airports.


Our washrooms can be used for a wide range of scenes in public venues.


Need an outdoor setting overlooking a major North American city? Our belvedere and its spectacular view will satisfy your needs.


Several metres high and resting on four columns, our large staircase stands in the middle of a sweeping modern setting and can lend itself to numerous applications.

Ambassadors lounge

The Ambassadors Lounge is a multipurpose location featuring a warm atmosphere and splendid view of the city.


The Esplanade is an urban oasis in lockstep with the seasons and whose crab apples trees blossom into an explosion of pink in May.


Two vast underground car parks for your cast and crew members, and for filming purposes too.

Building Façades

The Palais links together numerous buildings from different architectural periods. Whether your scene requires a modern or historical setting, the Palais can offer you both.

Bus terminal

Sheltered and ideal for bus terminal scenes.


The foyer can hold a large number of people, making it ideal for filming crowd scenes.

Rooftop terrace

This vast open rooftop terrace featuring a prominent view of the city can help your scenes rise to the occasion.

Shopping concourse

The Palais’ shopping concourse can easily be converted into a variety of recognizable public venues, including an international airport.

Coat checks

Two large capacity coat checks (2100 and 2800 guests) for the members of your cast and crew, and also for filming purposes.


The entrance lobby and its multicoloured glass walls can deliver a rainbow of filming options.