Your event manager: Your Number One supporter!

Every event held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal enjoys the expertise of a seasoned conductor orchestrating everything to perfection. It’s a role that goes unnoticed by the people in attendance, but oh so essential to an organizer’s success!

An event manager plans, organizes and coordinates every component of the event they are assigned. This includes:

  • Organizing tours of the venues and prep meetings
  • Booking services such as housekeeping, electricity and food
  • Scheduling the venues the customer will be using for plenary sessions, exhibitions or workshops
  • Providing guidance and meeting the organizer’s every need
  • Ensuring the appropriate customer service standards are being applied

Basically, these event specialists gather all of the customer’s ideas and intentions, and harmonize them into a whole according to the timeline and budget they are given. It is a process that can sometimes take several months, like for an international convention, and there are times when an event manager only has a few hours to make it happen!


The Palais des congrès de Montréal has seven event managers, who are supported by a team of technical advisors, office staff and event coordinators. Together they form a dynamic, passionate group where teamwork is key! Event managers have to be available and creative, which is why they have such a direct impact on customer satisfaction. These customer testimonials will give you a pretty good idea of how closely their involvement is tied to an event’s success.