The Urban Agriculture Lab hosts a Novae Field Trip

The awareness-building purpose of the Palais Urban Agriculture Lab was in full display on July 6, 2017 as it welcomed 25 professionals from the commercial real estate and environmental communities on a Novae Field Trip.


Representatives from a diverse array of organizations spanning the likes of Desjardins, Aedifica, Bell, Aéroport de Montréal, Saputo, the SAQ and the City Montréal, took part in a guided tour of the various parts of the Palais Urban Agriculture Lab, i.e. Culti-VERT, the beehives and VERTical.

Eric Duchemin, of AU/Lab, and Laura Charpentier, of Miel Montréal, contributed to the presentation by explaining the techniques, technologies and experimental processes used at the Lab. Meanwhile, members of the Palais staff talked about the history and partnerships that have marked the development of the Lab since 2010.

In addition to helping reduce urban heat islands and improve air quality in the Montréal downtown area, the Palais Urban Agriculture Lab’s goals also include encouraging the real estate industry and property owners to adopt concrete steps toward greening their rooftops, and promoting Montréal’s reputation as a world-class city firmly committed to fostering urban sustainability.