The Palais Urban Agriculture Lab home to a vineyard

In Summer 2017, the Palais des congrès unveiled the fourth segment of its Urban Agriculture Lab, jointly with AU/Lab and Vignes en ville.IMG_2193light

The Urban Vines is Canada’s first urban rooftop vineyard and the world’s first in a northern climate. Among the techniques the vineyard is experimenting with is mixing the soil with crushed recycled glass, to study the outcome compared to the sand normally used. It’s a practical way of repurposing recycled wine bottles.

The vineyard is comprised of 80 vines and features hardy grape varieties whose popularity only stands to grow as Quebecers learn more about them. Frontenac Black (red wine), Frontenac White, Marquette (red wine) and Petite Pearl (red wine) grapes are already being cultivated in the province and have adapted to our climate. We’re looking to harvest our first grapes and start producing wine in 2020.