The Palais salutes the contribution of Michel Béland

The Palais des congrès would like to express its warmest thanks to Dr. Michel Béland for his important contributions to making the Palais – and the city of Montréal – shine on the international stage. Although Dr. Béland recently retired, his important contributions to atmospheric and weather sciences and to orchestrating major gatherings of specialists in these fields will be remembered for many years to come.

BelandDr. Béland worked closely with the Palais des congrès for over 10 years and was a member of the advisory committee for the convention centre. In 2012, he was named Ambassador Emeritus of the Palais’ Ambassador’s Club. Founded in 1985, the Ambassadors’ Club of the Palais des congrès is a network of almost 300 influential and dynamic men and women who have played key roles in attracting international meetings to Montréal.

Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Béland played an instrumental role in bringing several major events to the Palais des congrès including the 2014 World Weather Open Science Conference, which was held in August, and the 2012 International Polar Year, which was a major success with more than 3,000 delegates and 8 M$ in economic benefits for the city of Montréal.


The Palais is grateful to Dr. Béland for all his hard work and dedication, and wishes him a rewarding retirement.