The Centre for all Conventions

The Palais des congrès de Montréal hosts every year an average of 37 conventions from around the world (Montréal, Quebec, Canada, American, international) that draw some 105,000 delegates to Montréal.

These visiting business tourists – scientists, professionals and business executives from a diverse array of sectors – come to exchange with their peers and to participate in workshops and conferences that contribute to the development of their fields of expertise, such as the environment or healthcare.

At the Palais des congrès*, healthcare tops the list of activity sectors, with an overall 29% of conventions hosted in that domain. Aerospace follows at 14%, with the consolidated sectors of energy and the environment a resounding third with 7% of conventions held at the Palais. Finance and IT count for 2% of conventions. This distribution of conventions held at the Palais des congrès according to activity sector has remained relatively unchanged over the last five years.

Banque d'image Palais des congrès MontréalThe profile of conventions hosted at the Palais is akin to the dynamic institutions for higher learning, industries and economic clusters that make up Montréal’s economy. For example, Montréal organizations In Vivo and Aéro Montréal are recognized as two of Canada’s chief industrial influencers. Furthermore, Montréal also ranks among the leading university cities in North America. With support for industry and academia as integral elements of the decision-making process when it comes to selecting a convention destination, the distribution of Montréal’s key sectors is clearly apparent in the conventions that we host.


* According to 2014 statistics.