The Ambassadors Club: As indispensable as ever

Since it was founded in 1985, the Ambassadors Club has appointed 330 members in recognition of the role they played in bringing a major convention to the Palais des congrès de Montréal. Sixteen of these members achieved this more than once, thus earning them the title of Emeritus Ambassador.

Hany Moustapha, president of the Ambassadors Club

Hany Moustapha, president of the Ambassadors Club

From Bernard Lamarre to Hany Moustapha, who recently took over the helm of the Club, there have been 10 presidents in the Club’s history.

The Club’s members work in a wide range of fields, including the health sciences, social sciences, aerospace and the environment. Their noteworthy accomplishments have been many, such as the development of the most-prescribed medication for treating HIV/AIDS (Mark Wainberg, 2001) and erectile dysfunction (Pavel Hamet, 1985 and 2016), the first simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants in Canada (Pierre Daloze, 1995), the first Canadian to fly in space (Marc Garneau, 2005).

The Ambassadors’ contribution to the Palais des congrès is immeasurable. Because of their university, association and business contacts, they are ideally positioned to rally together strategic alliances. The conventions won as a result of their involvement have generated over $1 billion for the Montréal economy since 1983.