Promoting the Ambassadors Club

These past months, the Ambassadors Club has been featured in ads developed for specific publications, intended to promote the benefits of getting involved in bidding for and organizing a major international conference.

Who better to present said benefits than the Ambassadors themselves?

2017-03-Pub_McGill 2017-03-Pub_UdeM
2017-09-Pub_McGill Montreal-en-sante_one-pager


Professor Ferri Hassani represented the Club in an ad published in last May’s McGill News Alumni Magazine, while it will be Wagdi Habashi’s turn in January of 2018. Dr. Fabrice Brunet was featured in Université de Montréal’s alumni publication. Also, an ad focused on the duo of Dr. Sylvain Lanthier and Dr. Alexander Thiel will appear in the January 2018 issue of the magazine Montréal en santé.