Our Ambassadors’ conventions

We will be hosting numerous major international conventions between now and year’s end, thanks to members of the Ambassadors Club and their hard work. Delegates will also be able to avail themselves of the festivities surrounding the city’s 375th Anniversary.

Dates Convention Number of delegates Tourism revenues Ambassadors
Aug 18 to 28 URSI XXXIInd General Assembly
and Scientific Symposium
1 200 $5.4 M Fabrice Labeau 
Oct 11 to 13 Conference of the Americas on International Education  700 $1.3 M Francis Brown
Oct 16 to 25 World Design Summit– Montréal 4 500 $12.3 M Sheila Copps and Alain Dufour
Oct 29 to Nov 2 24th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS World Congress 2017 8 000 $19.8 M Claude Carette and Michael De Santis