New Ambassadors inducted into Palais walk of fame


The Palais des congrès Parcours de la renommée walk of fame is a timeline paved with red stones tracing the exceptional contribution of leading experts who are passionate about their field and promoting Montréal and the Palais internationally as a first-rate destination for international conventions.

The red stones are engraved with the names of major international conventions and the Ambassadors who played a key and active role in attracting them to Montréal so their involvement may be indelibly etched forever.

Since 1983, over 1,000 events and 300 Ambassadors have been immortalized on the Parcours de la renommée. The Palais added 17 conventions and 14 Ambassadors for 2014 and 2015, and we wish to thank them for their dedicated work.

Michèle Marcotte

Dr Michel Gagner

Pr Louis T. J. Delbaere

Pr Stéphane Paquin

Pr Guy Lachapelle

Pr Wagdi Habashi

Pr Pierre Talbot

André Leclerc

Dr Michel Béland

Pr Jean-Marie Dufour

Pr Ferri Hassani

Dr François Audibert

Dr Jacques Corcos

Dr Hany Moustapha

The usual special care was given to the engraving of their names on the walk of fame on September 30.