Montréal named “Intelligent Community of the Year”

Montréal was declared the Intelligent Community of the Year at the ICF Summit on June 15. The award is the culmination of several initiatives by the City, including the new MtlWiFi network. The Palais, which helped spearhead the project from the ground floor, was actively involved in the rollout of the free wifi service, which now enables visitors to stay connected even while ambling the streets around the convention and exhibition centre.


Montréal en Histoires is another high-tech endeavour that benefited from the cooperation and expertise of the Palais. These outdoor projections, or digital frescoes, in the city’s historic district are a tribute to Québec knowhow, and the Palais is helping make them possible – our teams and our provider, Openface Internet, provide the bandwidth powering the various sites. We also had a hand in configuring some of the specialty equipment.


Raymond Larivée declared: “I am very proud of our Palais IT and telecom teams, and their work and contribution to these two major undertakings, which position Montréal and the Palais among the world’s leading high-tech cities.”