IUFoST 2014 Breaks the Guinness World Record at the Palais des congrès de Montréal

The Palais des congrès de Montréal was the site of a record-breaking moment on the August 20th 2014 as the IUFoST 2014 World Congress broke the Guinness World Record for the longest line of food cans ever!

Under the theme, “Research That Resonates”, some 1,500 delegates gathered for the Congress at the Palais from August 17 to 21 to exchange ideas on food sciences and technology in sessions that covered topics ranging from nanotechnology to food safety and sustainability.

And, in a fresh, new twist to community giving, IUFoST also launched the IUFoSTcan campaign to raise awareness for global food issues, but also to collect a record-breaking number of non-perishable food cans to donate to Moisson Montréal, Montréal’s largest food bank.

The IUFoSTcan campaign was an initiative led by students from the McGill Food Science Association asking Montrealers to “Give A Can…Give A Damn!” Locals were invited to drop off a can of food at the Palais des congrès over the past few days of the Congress to help make the Guinness milestone. For those who were unable to drop by in person, the IUFoSTcan campaign teamed up with the Montréal-based charity crowdfunding app “I Can Go Without” to enable them to donate the monetary equivalent of a can to help out Montréal’s food bank.

The result?

The IUFoSTcan campaign collected over 44,966 non-perishable food cans to create a 3.28 kilometre chain of cans on the main level of the Palais. At 2 pm, August 20th, officials from Guinness World Records were on site to take final measurements and declare the record officially broken!

IMG_8508 IMG_8530

The Palais des congrès de Montréal would like to congratulate the IUFoSTcan campaign volunteers from McGill University and everyone attending the IUFoST 2014 World Congress for making such an important contribution to the local community in Montréal. The Palais would also like to thank all our partners and local media who helped spread the word to make this record-breaking moment a reality.