Palais des congrès Emeritus Ambassador Dr. Denis Forest receives prestigious honour

On June 7, Université Laval awarded Dr. Denis Forest an honorary doctorate in dental medicine.

Dr. Forest, a specialty dentist in oral medicine, is a retired Université de Montréal emeritus professor. The first Québec dentist to specialize in oral medicine, which at the time was neither recognized in Québec nor in Canada, he worked tirelessly to raise the field’s profile through certification, resulting in better quality care for Canadians.

The Palais des congrès de Montréal is very proud to count Dr. Forest among its Ambassadors! In addition to being an icon in his field, he is a big reason behind the success of the JDIQ dentistry convention the Palais has been hosting for nearly 25 years. In fact, this large-scale convention is one of the annual events that generates the most economic benefits for Montréal, due to, among other factors, the almost 12,000 participants it attracts year after year.


The JDIQ’s 25 editions have combined for a total of $222.4 million for the city’s economy and for Québec. For the last 5 years (2009 to 2013), the convention has accounted for 52% of the economic benefits generated by this market segment, which is remarkable for one single event!

Through his work and considerable contribution, Palais Emeritus Ambassador Dr. Forest has forever carved himself a place among the elite members of the dental medicine community.