A word from the President and CEO – Robert Mercure

It is with great pleasure that I return to Montréal after 11 years at the helm of a Québec crown jewel, the Château Frontenac. First and foremost, let me say that I absolutely love Montréal and its energy. Our city is known for its joie de vivre and I come to the Palais with a headful of new ideas.

Montréal is recognized worldwide for being dynamic, multicultural and creative. We brim with incredible talent, and I believe the Palais des congrès has a major role to play in widening the influence of our creatives and scientists. We need to be a showcase for our city. This is the vision of the Palais des congrès of tomorrow that I would like to offer Montréal.

The ingenuity and effervescence of the local community are the catalysts that will help the city assert its leadership on the international stage and the Palais be a key player among the convention centres of the future.

During the course of my first fall season at the Palais, I saw the energy that permeates our event spaces and how professionally the events themselves are handled by our teams. Just think back on NeurIPS 2018, that big AI conference everyone is still talking about, or even our prestigious Recognition Award Gala, a spectacular affair celebrating the work and dedication of 18 Ambassadors. I can assure you the Palais’ vitality is palpable.

The various initiatives our teams at the Palais will engage in will enable our convention centre to take a major leap forward. We rank 2nd in the world in terms of customer satisfaction, and we are located in the heart of the city that hosts more international events than any other city in the Americas. We can all be proud of this, and I feel confident we have everything we need to succeed.

I am thrilled to be actively participating in our city’s dynamism.

I look forward to sharing more on this with you!