A dynamic club that showcases its members

In addition to advocating for its members, the Ambassadors Club schedules activities aimed at strengthening the bond between the Club and its membership, recruiting and supporting new members, and making the most of existing networks to foster strategic alliances and continue to support Québec’s key sectors.

Now midway through the current action plan, the Palais team is proud to have surpassed its objectives, especially by giving Ambassadors increasingly more visibility. The list of achievements includes:

  • Advertorials in Le Devoir and Boardroom, and ads in various general and trade media
  • A total of 5 advertisements showcasing the work of Ambassadors Ferri Hassani, Fabrice Brunet, Wagdi Habashi, Sylvain Lanthier, Alexander Thiel and Fabrice Labeau
  • An awareness-raising campaign on LinkedIn
  • The Exchange Forum hosted jointly with the Fonds de recherche du Québec
  • The Ambassadors Club’s networking cocktail held during the Auto Show
  • The ongoing work of the Aerospace Taskforce and its succession subcommittee
  • Hosting the 2017 Recognition Award Gala where we introduced 9 new ambassadors and 4 star researchers
  • Partnerships developed with the FRQ and IRSST

By joining forces to attract major international conferences, the Palais and the Ambassadors continue to generate significant economic and intellectual wealth for Montréal and the province. Together, we are taking part in the scientific development of Montréal and promoting it internationally.